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ICO Start: November 10, 2021
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Manta Network Review

The problem we see today is that the blockchain lack privacy, interoperability, and usability, which trickles down into many other issues. That’s why we’re building Manta Network, an interoperable and private protocol for the DeFi stack, with a privacy-preserving decentralized exchange as our first use case. We’re building it as a layer-1 solution, which means that privacy will exist in the core architecture, rather than a feature sitting on top of another blockchain. By using Substrate, we can take advantage of the interoperable ecosystem that Polkadot brings.

Manta Network initial coin offering starts on November 10, 2021 . You can use diferent payment methods to buy this token. .

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  • Current Status: Active Ended Upcoming
  • ICO Start Date: November 10, 2021
  • ICO End Date:
  • Token Symbol: MA
  • Platform: RC20
  • Token Soft Cap:
  • Token Hard Cap:
  • Distribution:
  • Restrictions:
  • Accepts:

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